Press Release: Hollywood comes to Gainesville, Florida

North Central Florida becomes acquainted with Business Mogul Kyle A. Green Sr., C.E.O & Founder

Quality Stay 4 Less Pay, Inc., QS4 Entertainment & Studios, Inc., QS4 TV Presents, and QS4

Unchained Radio

Gainesville, Florida September 2011:

Kyle A. Green Sr., is a name that is familiar to

some people but not to everyone just yet. Those who know him respect, love, appreciate and

understand his vision and those who don’t know him, just read a little further to find out who

he is and why he’s so special. Merriam-Webster defines a “mogul” as, “an important person”.

It originates from a Muslim ruling dynasty in northern India. Dynasties exist today in the form

of corporations that own several businesses. One such dynasty is in the making right here in

Gainesville, Florida.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri in the infamous Cabanne Courts Apartments, Mr.

Green escaped a lifestyle of poverty and exchanged it for a lifestyle of hard work. Tired of

seeing his mother struggle to raise his two sisters and four brothers on an income of less than

five-hundred dollars per month, Mr. Green forfeited his education to make a better life for his

family, and joined the traveling door-to-door sales business. During his time on the road he

studied such notables as OG Mandino, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Zig Ziglar, and Less Brown. He

began mastering the skill of maintaining a positive mental attitude and perfected the concept of

true perseverance. Mr. Green also became a specialist at reading people, everyone who knows

him can attest to this. To this day he never abandons his dreams or limits his goals in life.

After spending more than twenty-five years in the traveling sales industry, Mr. Green

moved to Gainesville, Florida, to raise his son. It was while residing in Gainesville that Mr.

Green got a vision to tap into a market that in the past had not been serviced properly. Armed

with a keen sense of direction and an unconquerable work-ethic, Mr. Green was able to

incorporate quality lodging and unbeatable rates. Just as the name implies, Quality Stay 4 Less

Pay, Incorporated obtains 40-70% savings at over 2,500 hotels and resorts in all 50 states and

overseas. The same people in whom Mr. Green came up with in the sales business are to this

day his most cherished and valued clients.


Leading his company with the same principles he learned years ago on the road. Mr. Green

expanded his personnel and services, and began to focus not only on where his clientele were

going to stay, but on how they were going to get there. Thus QS4 Travel, Inc. a subsidiary of

Quality Stay 4 Less Pay, Inc. was born.

QS4 Travel, Inc., provides travel related services to the high end clientele; entertainers,

concert promoters, film crews, sports associations, sports leagues, and corporate travelers.

QS4 Travel, Inc., under the guidance of Mr. Green was recently chosen as the official travel

agency for the American Basketball Association.

Travel, Inc., also provides a full line of travel services which include: airline tickets, visas and

passports, cruises, ground transportation, vacation packages and much more.

In addition to hotel accommodations QS4

Mr. Green attributes his accomplishments to “Never losing the eye of the tiger and having

no comfort zone”. He specializes in offering his clients upgraded suites, complementary rooms,

and meeting space, “These are the perks of using our services” Mr. Green confirmed, “And if

we can’t do it - it can’t be done.” This is the same attitude and drive that took Quality Stay 4

Less Pay, Incorporated from a satellite office in a hotel to a multi-million dollar operation on

six acres of land in sunny, Gainesville, Florida.

Like any mogul, Mr. Green was not content. His vision exceeded merely having a full-

service travel agency. Standing firmly by his statement “What else can my company do

that my competitors cannot?”

getting people to work together, while building strong foundations. The QS4 enterprise is a

conglomeration of companies with a steady growing and diverse portfolio.

Mr. Green was able to incorporate leadership, guidance and

Mr. Green begins to make his mark in the television industry with three new TV shows

beginning with, Culinary Designs by Carmen, a culinary arts show presented by world

famous chef Carmen Collor. She will show you how to bring five star meals to your dinner

table. So this November get ready to learn how to create exotic and delicious meals in minutes.

Take a trip down to the islands in your kitchen every 3rd Tuesday from7:00 pm -7:30 pm with

Culinary Designs by Carmen on Cox channel 15 & 8 in Gainesville, and 15 in Ocala, Florida.


QS4 TV Presents is an entertainment variety show that features interviews with celebrity

guests, broadcasts of original and popular hit music videos, leading discussions on the latest

travel and hospitality trends; Past guests include billionaire lawyer, Willie Gary; Commissioner

Rodney Long, Michael Roberts Jr., Executive VP for the largest black-owned hotel group in the

United States, Bigga Rankin who is the VP & Head A&R of Young Jezzy’s CTE, and the CEO,

of both Cool Runnings and the Core DJs, and other prominent celebrities. So catch the hottest

hostess in the sunshine state (Sarah Cherry) this November on Cox channel 15 & 8 in

Gainesville, and 15 in Ocala, Florida every 3rd Tuesday from 7:30pm – 8:00pm.

Following QS4 TV Presents, get ready to laugh with The Mixed Nuts Comedy Revue

starring Cuz’n Pete and Company. It is a half hour of comedy with class for mature adults,

featuring comedy from Mainstream, Gospel and Urban genres. Each showcase is hosted by

America’s Favorite Relative, Keith ‘Cuz’n Pete’ McCary Sr., who played the character Cousin

Pete in the motion picture ‘Poetic Justice’ along side of two of the biggest icons in the music

industry Janet Jackson and the late Tupac Shakur. The Mixed Nuts Comedy Revue will

feature segments of sketch comedy, and stand-up comedy as performed by the special guest

nationally touring comedians as seen on B.E.T.’s - A Comic’s View, HBO Def Comedy Jam,

Showtime at the Apollo, Comedy Central, and A & E’s An Evening at The Improv! Also airing

on Cox channel 15 & 8 in Gainesville, and 15 in Ocala, Florida every 3rd Tuesday from 8:00pm

– 8:30pm.

QS4 Entertainment & Studios, Inc. is a record label and full-service recording studio.

Complete with a one of a kind production team, engineers, state-of-the-art recording equipment,

and services ranging from mixing and mastering to all post production activity. Following QS4

Entertainment & Studios, Inc.’s “Are you Behind Us Campaign”, Mr. Green has now joined

forces with Hood Magazine, Flyer Promo Now, Imprecious Entertainment, Urban Network,


I.D.J. Trade Association and many other local and national producers, artists, graphic designers,

entertainers, and musicians to deliver his latest projects.


The coming events will bring Hollywood to Florida while increasing opportunities for the

local music community. Mr. Kyle A. Green Sr.’s ability to get people to work together has

paid off tremendously. QS4 Entertainment & Studios, Inc. and Duicey Doo Films, presents

The 352 Uncut – DVD, Live at the Vault Nightclub, located at 238 West University Avenue

in Gainesville, Florida on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011. With celebrity hosts, Big Amp, C.

Wakely, J. Long, and the hilarious Keith (Cuz’n Pete) McCary. Gainesville, Florida is going

to witness history in the making. Mr. Green is laying out the red carpet for this event the doors

will open at 8pm-2am. The

votes are in and some of the hottest entertainers in the 352, such as Tee Whitey, Papuh Boss

from Gainesville, Kandy Kane from Ocala, and TD Luciano from Eustis, Florida to name a

few. Get ready to shake hands with The Strangeez, Burga, DJ Klarc Shepard, and DJ Excel and

others during this red carpet extravaganza.

The 352 Uncut - The DVD, Live at The Vault Nightclub Compilation, will be in rotation

on the Urban Network’s Live 365 Radio Broadcast in over 83 countries including, countries

in Europe, Japan, Spain, Germany, South America and beyond. Artists will receive BDS

Ratings, and will be included in On-Air interviews conducted by QS4 Unchained Radio.

Mr. Kyle A. Green Sr. believes in standing behind what he does, and in bringing visions to

life; always staying true to his humble beginnings, he continues to move mountains everywhere

he goes, constantly changing lives, and pushing others to reach their fullest potential. With a

business mogul like Mr. Green in your corner, there is only one thing a person can do and that

is rise to the top.

Ms. Sarah Cherry
Ms. Olah-shia Brown
QS4 Entertainment & Studios, Inc.
7257 NW 4th Blvd, Ste 13
Gainesville, Florida 32607
Phone : (352) 372-7878
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