[News] Miss Atown (@MissATown2U) interviews Ben Pimpin (@BenPimpinBPE)

Last week was definitely our coldest days & I had the pleasure of kickin shit with Atlanta's coldest new rapper, Ben Pimpin. Ben Pimpin is an Atlanta native strait from Simpson Rd (Simpset, Westside is the lingo). Now because I know Mr Pimpin I jumped right in.

Miss Atown: Ben, I know you've had a sac since we met a few years ago. Money was never the issue & you were always a young entrepreneur, why did u decide to rap?
Ben Pimpin: Because of my passion for music it ain't about da money
Miss Atown: Since your passion is so strong for the music, what influences your music (the songs you make) ?
Ben Pimpin: My music is influence threw my life and every day experiences
Miss Atown: Ok Ben, I get it, everyday experiences but what makes your sound, flow, and delivery separate from the rest? What do you have that the competition lacks?
Ben Pimpin: I have the ability to make u see what I'm saying, a verbal visual I paint pictures not many can.
Miss Atown: How well do u know the music industry?
Ben Pimpin: like da back of my hand, very well I been wanting this my whole life.
Miss Atown: Have you ever felt like giving up Ben?
Ben Pimpin: No because I know deep down inside I will succeed if I give it 100%. I could always rapp effortlessly with out trying.
Miss Atown: How well do you know me, & what caused you to reach out me?
Ben Pimpin: You are a good friend of mine I've known for years and I reached out to her because I knew she was gone be straight up with me about my music friendship or not plus u gotta go threw Atown anyway to get on in Atlanta.


[Single] Young Star (@YoungStarOyesOyes) ft K Kutta - Get Out Your Feelings

Young Star, born in San Diego California, but grew up in Long Beach. It wasn't until he moved to Oklahoma at the age of 11, that he knew his life was about to change. He began rapping when he was 13 years old, but it wasn’t until he was at the age of 19 that he really took his career seriously and began making major moves in the industry. His dedication and hard work was what earned him the name “The King of Oklahoma”, by his peers, his 1st year on the scene.

Today we present to you, “Get out Your Feelings”, Young Star’s latest club banger featuring K Kutta. “Get Out Your Feelings” calls out those with soft hearts and weak emotions, through the in your face lyrics of Young Star and K Kutta alike. From production to the delivery and down to the swagger, it is undeniable to ignore Young Star’s West Coast roots, but rest assured this single will get the North, South, East, and West Coasts bumping their heads and nodding to “Get out Your Feelings”


[Single] Sy Ari Da Kid (@SyAriDaKid) ft @Kcamp427

[Single] Sy Ari Da Kid (@SyAriDaKid) ft @Kcamp427 - Popular (produced by @KatoProducer)


[News] Blakk Katt (@Blakk_Katt) in studio interview w/ @MissAtown2U

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a brand new artist @Blakk_Katt out of Alabama, Patchwerk Recording Studios Atlanta Ga. His sound is country, authentic, raw, & definitely makes you feel it. I can honestly say he reminds me of the 2003 Young Jeezy, a lil bit of Scarface & more! His personality really pops with a very outspoken sense of humor. I was able to ask a few questions while we picked out songs for his New Mixtape called "Bad Luck, Good Fortunes"
Miss Atown: When did u decide to rap?
Blakk Katt: I decided to rap when I was 15 years old just fucking around with my brothers and homies..
Miss Atown: Would you say the streets are your motivation? Or what exactly motivates you?
Blakk Katt: The struggle motivated me and a whole lotta $$$ motivates me...
Miss Atown: Alotta artist use "The Struggle" as their motivation but never really struggled. Have you ever been poor?
Blakk Katt: Yes I've been poor before..My mother was a single parent of 5 kids with no help. We been on food stamps and government assistant, but with my mom being a strong woman we really made the best out of the worst situations...
Miss Atown: Why me? What made you reach out to lil ol me?
Blakk Katt: I've heard you can provide services such as real street promotion/ web visibility/ and branding ...
Miss Atown: How were you able to connect with me THE CONNECT?
Blakk Katt: I got to you by Dj Funky @DjFunkyATL(Coalition Dj's) and Jaycee @hisear4muzik (My manager)...
Miss Atown: You are in Atlanta, the music capitol. Is there anyone in particular you want to work with?
Blakk Katt:I want to work with anyone who wants to work with me...
Miss Atown: What would you say is your ultimate long term goal?
Blakk Katt: My goal is To be a successful label/artist/movement... The takeover is underway as we speak...
Be on The Lookout for the "Bad Luck, Good Fortunes" Mixtape, Comin SOON!

via Miss Atown (@MissAtown2u)


[Single] LStreetz (@lstreetz) - Out Your Feelings

[Single] LStreetz (@lstreetz) - Out Your Feelings

Via MissAtown2U

[Mixtape] Guttah Boi Status (@GuttahBoiStatus) - Restitution

Tired of the constant struggle of everyday life and the repetitive rejection from the struggle, two Palm Beach County natives by the names K. Gizzle & Mr. Murk has joined forces to form Guttah Boi Status. Together with Chill Will, they bring you "The Restitution MixTape". Filled with hard knocking production by some of the best in the business and true lyrical story telling, this mixtape is sure not to disappoint. With features from 1Hot, VanDam BodySlam, Meat of FadeSquad, Hukk Finn, Kaneezy, Fadarro, Mario Medius, and Spook G-Code just to name a few, the mixtape from start to finish is a great body of work. Dont just take our word, go head and listen and download to "The Restitution MixTape", as Guttah Boi Status & Chill Will take you on an adventure you'll never forget.


[Video] Gage Gully (@Gagegully) ft. Nipsey Hussle- Close To The Street

ALLGREENEVERTHING.NET Gage Gully ft. Nipsey Hussle- Close to the street off the upcoming mixtape/album Harvest Season!!! Twitter- @Gagegully @A_G_E_Records

[Mixtape] HU$TLERMADE MUZIK presents Watch Me Work Vol 4 via @GoDJJaybone

[Mixtape] HU$TLERMADE MUZIK presents Watch Me Work Vol 4 via @GoDJJaybone

[Event] #ThePanel (Engineer Edition) 1/26 Atlanta via @Schweinbeck

Schweinbeck LLC & Modinkenya Present #ThePanel (Engineer Ed.)
Date: 1/26/14
Time: 6-10pm
Location: Threadz Boutique 1060 St. Charles Avenue, Atlanta Georgia
Hosts: Ashley Marietta
DJ: DJ Blak Boy
Special Performance: Kooly Bros
1. MaC
2. Ikey Boy
3. Alkebulan
4. Grio
5. The Professor
6. Bricksdamane
7. FKi
8. Dvante Black
9. Royce Monroe
10. Keith Dawson
11. Seth Firkins
12. Ray Forte
Give-a-ways from Rocksmith, 8&9 Clothing Company & more!
Surprise bags will be given out to the people who spend $150+ in store
Complimentary drinks from Twenty Grand Vodka


[Single] Jay Uno (@JayUno) ft. Tone Trump - FU*k NI**az

Jeff “Jay Uno” Murat, Brooklyn native but resident of the world, is more than your average emcee. He started to express his love for music by making beats, but soon discovered he not only shined behind a key board or a drum machine, but behind a mic as well. After working with various artists he noticed one thing they all lacked, self-sufficiency. Being a great lyricist but not a producer, or vice versa, left you at a disadvantage. Realizing he was able to create his own beats as well as rap over them, he began to build the “Jay Uno” brand. Living by his motto “If there isn’t a way to get to it, I will make one”, he started to take over not only Brooklyn but Long Island as well.

Booking Email:

IG: JayUnoSd




[Video] Smooth Kid Dino (@smoothkiddino) ft Keyz - Money

New music video from NCM artist Smooth Kid Dino ft Keyz -Money Directed by Brain Lynch Produced by @CashMoneyAP Posted by @namebrandmr773 Smooth Kid Dino IG: @Smoothkid_dino Twitter: @smoothkiddino Contact: Keyz IG: @keyz058 Contact: Directed, Shot and Edited by Brian Lynch IG: @Kacythekid Contact: