[Single] Beadz (@Beadz1st) - Gotta Bag

One of Chicago's Ranking Rap artist Beadz aka Beadz Jones has been pushing the limits for several years coming off his hit song "Get Home" feat Layzie Bone. His latest tracks are pointing to turnt up summer with songs "I Swear" feat Florida's Jimi Nu and "Gotta Bag" which was leaked to the Chitown Djs and is already on Radio Mix Shows.

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[Video] Rushbilli (@Ristakerbully) ft 93 & XFyle - Put On A Show + MP3 Download

Rushbilli releases follow-up to "I'm That Guy", this time catering to the ladies. "Put on a Show" is prod & fts XFyle and artist 93 rounds out this banger. Support and Feedback appreciated. Click [Here] To Download Contact: Buried Treasures LLC Rushbilli humiditysolutionsinc@gmail.com Links: Official Site: http://www.rushbilli.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RUSHBILLI Twitter: https://twitter.com/RistakerBully Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rushbilli SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/Rushbilli


[Single] Big Mota (@BigMota8) - Hulk Hogan

Big Mota is on his "Hulk Hogan" finesse, check out his breakout record from the Mr. 100 Rounds mixtape available on all mixtape sites.

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[Single] Rayface (@RayFaceSMM) ft @MasterPMiller - Bout It Remix

Rayface links up with Master P and together they bring us a banging new track "Bout It Remix", with the push of Team Bigga Rankin we know this is going far. Support and Feedback is appreciated.

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[Mixtape] Big Mota (@bigmota8) - Mr 100 Rounds 2

Big Mota reppin South Memphis, out of Clearaborn Homes, has been gaining notoriety for his music and movement. In 2015 he linked up with the one and only streets A&R Bigga Rankin and DJ Hypemancrunk to release "Mr. 100 Rounds", which took him to another level. Recently he got with Trapahplics and the result is a massive mixtape titled "Mr. 100 Rounds 2". Check it out, listen, share, and support a artist on the rise.

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[Single] Dee Boi (@deeboiyff) ft Raheem DeVaughn - Mama

Dee Boi releases new single in honor of Mother's Day rightfully titled "Mama". This awesome tribute to mothers features Raheem DeVaughn and is produced by The Colleagues via 448 Music Group and YFF. Check out the track and Support Dee Boi:

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[Mixtape] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Casino My Religion

Growing up in Abbeville, South Carolina Casino Mel was determined to live the life that rappers had. He eventually got caught up in the streets, which was the closest thing to the lifestyle he wanted that eventually landed him in prison for three years. After going through that experience Casino Mel became totally focused on music. He saw music as a positive way to follow his dreams and also help those around him. His first deal would come about in a spontaneous way. While waiting for a bus to get to his college classes he ended up having a conversation with two guys. They found out he rapped, so he freestyled on the spot, two weeks later he received his first deal. Talent and drive have always been on his side. Now through local shows he built a good name for himself that he is continuing to expand on. Currently Casino Mel has a deal with Five Star Empire and he is known for his storytelling abilities. He uses music to paint clear pictures that even someone who hasn’t walked in his shoes can still understand. Casino Mel feels he has to make it for his entire city and his son. With all of that pressure he uses it to go harder with his craft. He has plans to build businesses in Abbeville, giving other people a chance to make an honest living. “Make it 80” is what Casino Mel lives by. With everything he does he raises the bar. Just like in a high steak poker game he puts it all on the line; in the studio, stage, and in life. More than an artist, he is an example of changing your life by simply following your dream.

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Spotlight on Sarah Jane (@daisyjane200)

2016 is shaping up to be a promising year for up-and-coming artist, Sarah Jane. For the last two-and-a-half years she’s been working diligently on her debut EP titled “Killer Robots.”

I’ve been working out of three studios. It’s been an amazing process,” she stated. “I’m so proud of all the work that we’ve put into it. We’ve put in a lot of long, long nights, but I feel all the hard work is going to pay off.

The upcoming EP is scheduled for a possible summer/fall release. According to rising star in the making, it promises not to disappoint. Fans will be easily captivated by it after listening to the first few bars, Jane, who is also an accomplished pianist, stated.

“The EP is really open, fun, imaginative. I really wanted to leave it up to the fans to decipher what kind of music they think it is. It’s really fun because it starts off light, then it gets more R&B and hip hop towards the third and fourth song,” she described. “It really showcases my talent, not just as a singer but as a pianist, too.”

The first single off the project is a catchy tune titled “Beautiful Magic.” It’s one of her favorite songs from the project.

It’s about finding love and finding someone who makes you feel beautiful. The beats more urban and pop,” Jane explained.

Not surprisingly, the title track from the EP, “Killer Robots,” raises a few eyebrows. Many are amused by it—obviously due to the unique title, but then quickly fall in love with the beat and lyrics.

“I really wanted to have a story that is pretty and melodic but also had some humor. It’s very simple, but it’s fun to sing a lot,” she stated. It’s cool to see the reaction of people in the studio when they listen to it. Then start laughing. Its just me and this song and the piano—and then, of course, me talking about killer robots,” she laughed.

The EP will soon be featured on iTunes. For updates and to learn more about Jane, check her out on Twitter.


[Video] Tori Bleu (@toribleu) - Gawt Damn Ting

Tori Bleu is a Recording Artist, Writer and Dancer from Detroit, Michigan, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. “DOPE”, a word you will often see used to describe her if you search one of her many social network pages. She is that raw, playful, imaginative, realist that the game has been missing! As a multi-talented artist Tori is not only a student to her God given talent; she is also a real life student slowly pursuing her Master’s degree. Recently nominated in the GA Music Awards as "Female Hip-hop Artist of the Year", Tori Bleu releases a banging new video/single titled "Gawt Damn Ting", where she goes in on scrubs who lie about what they have and who approach the queen with lame game. She also explains her type of guy in a comical video as she takes part in "The Dating Game" TV show. Check out her video “Gawt Damn Ting” and download the single today. Click To Purchase Single: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gawt-damn-ting-single/id1102949215 Connect w/ Tori Bleu: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToriBleuMusic/?fref=ts Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toribleu Twitter: https://twitter.com/toribleu Website: http://www.toribleu.com/

[Video] TurnPikeRap (@quayloo) ft @GHerbo - Who Knew

Turnpikerap releases new video "Who Know" featuring G.Herbo and shot by Dream Vision. IG @TURNPIKERAP TWITTER @quayloo booking info. IG @1dreamvision TWITTER @1dreamvision

[Single] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Trap Nigga

Five Star Empire's very own Casino Mel is gearing up to release his mixtape project titled "Casino My Religion", Trap Nigga is the first single off that project. Feedback and Support is appreciated.

Connect w/ Casino: Twitter: @IamCasinoMel Instagram: CasinoMel Facebook: facebook.com/jarmel1

[Video] October Jonez - Love Is A Drug

Artist: October Jonez Song: "Love Is A Drug" Shot & Edited by SceneAmatiX http://www.YSrunsTheInternet.com